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YearPlanner, developed by Brendan McCann at C Software, is a Microsoft® Windows compatible application (software app)  which manages calendar based events-data for individuals, groups, and organizations. It can be used as a diary, scheduler, reminder utility, project management tool or any other application that requires a long-term view of calendar data.

YearPlanner is distinct from many other calendar, diary, and PIM applications such as Microsoft® Outlook. It allows you to plan on a single multi-month page using the classic year planner format usually only available as a paper wall chart. Combine this with the capabilities of an easy-to-use computer program and you get a powerful interactive software tool which will let you take instant control of your schedule and diary events.

More on year planner software

Video instuctions on TeamWeek year planner software by Brendan McCann 

YearPlanner has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. This means that it displays its pages on the computer screen to look like they would when they are printed on paper. This makes the interface intuitive, easy to understand, and attractive to look at.

Despite its printed page design, YearPlanner is highly flexible in both the layout and colour scheme of the calendar page. Multiple views of the same calendar data can be defined. The main objective of YearPlanner is to present long term events on a single page giving an instant and strategic picture of all events in both the immediate and distant future.
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