YearPlanner can be used whenever appointments and events need to be organised, managed or presented. Here are some of the many benefits that YearPlanner delivers:

    • Never forget an import date/appointment with YearPlanner alarms and recurring events. YearPlanner can be minimised to the system tray and then will popup a reminders window with a definable sound and warning period.


    • Produce attractive printed calendars and planners using one of the many, fully customisable, themes and layouts.


    • Keep on top of your schedule. YearPlanner is not just a calendar drawing tool. It allows you to mange and organise your diary. You can categorise events and use them to filter views and colourise labels.


    • Communicate and publicise your schedule. YearPlanner’s customisable output allows you to share important events either as a printed document or as a digital (PDF) file. By including your organisation’s logo and contact details on the YearPlanner output you can promote your organisation.


    • Produce content for your website. The capability to produce digital output in the universal PDF format makes it easy to produce high quality calendar content for your website.


    • Drive traffic to your website by providing free calendar information about your industry/organisation. Promote your website as the source for up-to-date events information.


  • Produce free marketing material for distribution by email. Have a reason to remind your customers/clients/audience who you are. Avoid that ‘spam filter’ but sending them something useful.

Here are some of the ways that YearPlanner is being used today:

    • Home users – Use YearPlanner to remember appointments, schedule holidays, and plan special events such as weddings or parties.


    • Schools and colleges – Plan, organise, and distribute academic year plans, term timetables, sports events and shared resources.


    • Businesses – Plan projects, schedule meetings, and organise resources. They use layers to focus on a specific project, resource, or personnel. Data can easily be imported from from Microsoft Outlook ®.


  • Clubs and Organisations – Organise meetings and special events. Publicise up and coming events and activities on notice boards.