YearPlanner has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface – also known as print-what-you-see . This means it can produce attractive printed documents which can be distributed and shared. All these benefits are enhanced by an extensive range of features including recurrence patterns, reminders, layers, colour schemes and more..

General Calendar

YearPlanner is a stylish and powerful general purpose calendar application. The user can enter appointments, daily events, and multi-day events. These events can be dragged around the page whenever a date or time changes.



YearPlanner can be used to organize busy schedules. Events can be defined to stretch over multiple days and displayed in a variety of formats. This allows long term commitments such as conferences, holidays, and meetings to be instantly visible helping to organize schedules more successfully.

Project Management

YearPlanner is ideal for project management planning and maintenance. Its long-term layout allows a strategic and real time view of a project to be produced. The highly printable nature of the pages makes sharing of important deadlines and milestones easy to achieve.


Time Management

All events in YearPlanner can have individual reminders defined. Each reminder can be configured to occur at a user-define time before the start time of the event. When the reminder is due a dialog box pops-up reminding the user of the event.